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Leading Experts meet at Dubai: Neurology 2020

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Dubai to Host 4th International Neurology and Therapeutics

Pulsus Global conference conducts organizes distinguished Neurology events which has been remarkable and highly informative This April 2020, we are embarking our prestigious 4th International Conference on Neurology and Therapeutics which is scheduled at the City of Dubai, UAE during April 06 – 07, 2020
This academic meet themes on “An all-encompassing outlook for future Neurology and therapeutics”
Dubai is a stupendous venue, which anchored many business collaborations and provided more opportunity for the budding professionals
Neurology 2020 will see Keynote lectures, Plenary sessions, workshops, symposia’s, exhibition of latest medical and surgical, biomedical equipment, poster presentations and more Highlighting the major sectors of Neuromedicine, Brain disorders, neuro disorders, neurochemistry, neuropsychiatry, neuroimaging ,neurodegenerative disorders, Alzheimer, stroke, psychology, neuropathy, chiropractic neurology, recent therapeutic advances in neurology and more.,
This conferenc…